Japanese photographs circa early 20th Century



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An Introduction

This collection came together because of a curiousity about the portrayal of life
in Japan during the early years of the 20th century.

The interest was primarily on how the people of Japan were portraying themsleves using photographs during this period
when past influences were present in their dress plus there was modernism, with a touch of militarism.

items have been marked as sold - but best to check as items may be sold but not marked as such online


There's a mixture of formats and a mixture of styles.

the collection could be negotiated for loan for exhibition for a public gallery/museum

please note that the sizes diplayed most likely vary from original

most were purchased online - so their provenance is limited to that.

Information about dates etc is as supplied by original vendors - and may need to be verified through research


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click on link above for page 1 of a mix of portrait photographs c.1900-1930s




click on link above for page 2 of a mix of portrait photographs c.1900-1930s




click on link above for a mixture of collections:

A group of CVDs - landscapes A mix of photographs
in the postcard format
A special series of
plant arrangements
A fun series of children
as dancers
An Album of Japanese life -
pre-World War II
A series from of loose
photographs from an album

plus a couple of photographs   - Prentending to be Japanese (French photograher in Paris)


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