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Thilly Weissenborn
Margarethe Mathilde Weissenborn - born 22 March 1883 - died 28 October 1964 (age 81)


Thilly Weissenborn was a photographer in the former Netherlands Indies. She was born in 1889 in Kediri in East Java.

After having worked for several years with the famous photographer Kurkdjian, she became the owner of the photo studio Lux in Garoet in 1920. Thilly Weissenborn’s photos excel in their extraordinary clarity and their perfect composition.

The almost translucent faces, pictures of rice paddies, volcanoes and grandiose landscapes reflect the essence of the country that continues to fascinate thousands of visitors.

She also knew how to achieve a perfect atmosphere in her portraits, interior shots and of people in their daily life in the pre-war Indies.

 introduction from the book by Ernst Drissen 1983


Recorded for Prosterity by Ernst Drissen 1983, with a Foreword by Olaf J de Landell

This is an online photo-web presentation  -  an English translation of the original book published in Dutch


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Article from Towards Independence , A Century of Indonesia Photographed



Wikipedia entry: Thilly Weissenborn




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